PSD Using Photo Clipping Masks

Here is a sim­ple tuto­r­i­al on how to use pho­to clip­ping masks in a Dig­iluxe PSD (Pho­to­shop) tem­plate.

BEFORE you open a paid template, you will need to download & install the fonts listed on the instruction sheet that came with your template. (Unfortunately, I can not provide direction for installing fonts as the steps vary depending on your specific model of computer) 

Once you have installed the required fonts and downloaded your template from your Etsy Purchases Tab — begin with step one.


  1. Open Pho­to­shop!
  2. Click FILE > OPEN and nav­i­gate to the tem­plate you saved and then CLICK > OPEN.


Now it’s time to add your pho­to to the tem­plate. CLICK FILE > OPEN and nav­i­gate to the pho­to that you would like to use and then CLICK > OPEN. Your win­dow should now fea­ture both the tem­plate AND the pho­to you have cho­sen.

With the pho­to lay­er select­ed in the lay­ers palette and the Move Tool select­ed via the far left tools menu, HOLD DOWN > CTRL on your key­board, then (while still hold­ing CTRL) right click and drag the pho­to over to the tem­plate file.


Your pho­to is now with­in the tem­plate as it’s own lay­er. In order to cre­ate a clip­ping mask, MOVE or DRAG the pho­to lay­er direct­ly above the lay­er labeled PHOTO CLIPPING MASK. The pho­to lay­er MUST placed above the clip­ping mask lay­er that you want to use.


Now that you have your pho­to placed above the lay­er PHOTO CLIPPING MASK, you will need to select the pho­to lay­er and then LEFT CLICK the lay­er. A drop down box will appear. Scroll down to CREATE CLIPPING MASK and RIGHT CLICK it.

You will now see that your pho­to has been placed with­in the clip­ping mask.


Now that your pho­to has been clipped, you can move it around and resize it with­in the clip­ping mask to your lik­ing. To move and resize, keep the lay­er select­ed, then click CTRL + T (at the same time) and the bound­ing box will appear.  Use your RIGHT CLICK to move the pho­to around with­in the box.

To scale the pho­to, you will need to hov­er over cor­ner box, hold your SHIFT KEY down and pull in or out. This may take some prac­tice!

Once you are hap­py with your pho­to scale and place­ment CLICK ENTER which will place and des­e­lect the lay­er — see below.


Repeat the steps above for all of the pho­to lay­ers with­in your pur­chased tem­plate.

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Thank you for your busi­ness!