PDF Editing Your Text

Here is a sim­ple tuto­r­i­al on how to edit the text in a Dig­iluxe PDF tem­plate.

Once you have installed the newest version of Adobe Reader DC and downloaded your template from your Etsy Purchases Tab — begin with step one.


  1. Open Adobe Read­er!
  2. Click FILE > OPEN and nav­i­gate to the tem­plate you saved and then CLICK > OPEN.


Upon open­ing Adobe Read­er, CLICK > CTRL + E to open the Text Prop­er­ties Tool Bar. This tool bar will be used for all text edits and will be blank until you start work­ing with a line of text.


Lets start by edit­ing a sin­gle line text box. Place your MOUSE CURSOR with­in the text box and at the end of the line of text. DRAG back­ward until the text you would like to edit becomes high­light­ed. As soon as the high­light­ed text reg­is­ters in the tool bar, your text options will appear.

To edit the line of text, keep the line of type high­light­ed and just start typ­ing! Your text will replace the text in the box. Once you are fin­ished, sim­ply CLICK out­side of the text box to des­e­lect the row you were edit­ing.


You are wel­come to change the type­face with­in a tem­plate to suit your own pref­er­ences, how­ev­er keep in mind, that the text box­es pro­vid­ed can NOT be moved or re-sized, so the type that you choose MUST fit into the text box­es. If the type­face is being cut off, then the type­face you are try­ing to use must be used at a small­er size.

To change the type­face, use your mouse cur­sor to high­light the text you would like to edit and then use the drop­down box on the tool­bar to scroll down and select a new type­face. To change the size, use the number/point size drop­down direct­ly right of the type­face drop­down.


Repeat the steps above for all of the type lay­ers that are editable text with your pur­chased tem­plate.

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