PDF Editing Text Colors

Here is a sim­ple tuto­r­i­al on how to edit the text col­ors in a Dig­iluxe PDF tem­plate.

Once you have installed the newest version of Adobe Reader and downloaded your template from your Etsy Purchases Tab — begin with step one.


  1. Open Adobe Read­er!
  2. Click FILE > OPEN and nav­i­gate to the tem­plate you saved and then CLICK > OPEN.


Chang­ing the col­or of text is easy. Sim­ply high­light the text that you would like to edit and your text options will appear in the tool bar. The col­ored box on the far left of the tool bar is where your col­or options are.


With the text still high­light­ed, SINGLE CLICK on the col­ored box and a col­or selec­tion box will appear. You can choose from any of the adobe pre­designed col­ors by click­ing on the lit­tle col­or box or click OTHER COLOR and a larg­er col­or selec­tion box will appear.

The Oth­er Col­or box shows basic adobe pre­designed col­ors, or you can use the rain­bow box to select a col­or from, or enter your own RGB col­or code in the Red/Green/Blue box­es in the low­er right. Once you have cho­sen your final col­or, CLICK OK and your col­or will be applied.


Repeat the steps above for all of the type lay­ers that are you would like to change the col­or of with­in your pur­chased tem­plate.

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